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Adult Sunday School


As a community of believers, we need to be connected in a more intimate learning experience. This learning experience is a life-long journey. You are never too young or too old to attend Sunday School. These learning experiences equip us as disciples "for works of service" in Christ's name. (Eph. 4:11-15) Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to meet with our Sunday school teachers and leaders. We have had some great discussions together. As a result of some of these discussions, we agreed that we could be doing a better job of letting all of you know about the great learning opportunities that are available to everyone each Sunday morning, from 9:40-10:15 a.m. Our hope is that you will find a class that is a good fit, and you will join us in this adventure of learning to "walk the walk" of our Christian faith.






Format and Purpose — The class meets weekly for dedicated Bible Study. Lessons generally follow the International Sunday School schedule that systematically covers the entire Bible. Presentation style varies with the teachers, but interactive discussion is typically an important part of the group study sessions.

Class members have been very active in ministries of the congregation. Most of our class members are beyond their 55"' year, but remain open to new people and new ideas. The class maintains financial commitments to local and denominational missions. Periodical social events provide settings for informal outreach and fellowship. 
The Lamplighters class offers a casual, relaxed style of adult teaching, which encourages group participation and interactive learning. Four different teachers, with their own gifted style of teaching, enjoy shared teaching responsibilities and choose varying topics to explore. Currently, the first Sunday of each month we are beginning a study of the life of Esther. The second Sunday we are being challenged by a study of the Ten Commandments. Every fourth Sunday we are viewing and discussing short Nooma Spiritual Life DVDs. People in all stages of life are warmly welcomed to join us in the Lamplighters class. Where do we meet? Entering the church via the church office entrance doorway you will pass the church office on your left and proceed through the double doors to the main hallway. Take a left down the hallway and the Lamplighters' Class meets at the first room to your right. 

The Disciples Class, taught by Marlin Houck, has no designed published curriculum. Rather, the members determine which of the books of the Bible are to be explored. Currently we are delving into Paul's letters to the Corinthians. The pace of exploration varies according to the collective interest of the members in "mining the nuggets" contained in each verse, thought, utterance, concept, etc. The excitement comes from the discovery of juicy tidbits not usually perceived upon first reading. The "teacher" facilitates the flow of discussion but the finest "gems" are usually mined by the class members. If you are not currently participating in a Sunday School class, you are cordially invited to consider us. You will be spiritually fed, but not spoon-fed. No lectures. The feeding is not passive but active.    You will be inspired rather than intimidated. You will eagerly enter the fray; expressing your thoughts, views, experiences, joys and concerns. You will enjoy our company. In addition to the seriousness of our study, we have lots of fun; at times bordering on irreverence as we lampoon many of the stereotypes established by Christians (and non-Christians)