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Message Series
Next Message Series What in the World???
(Viewpoint Matters)

Begins February 7th
We live in a world of varied cultures, religions, and choices. What we believe affects our attitudes, how we think, feel and act - how we live our lives. The good news is that God has provided a compass for us to follow as we navigate through the world. What we need are new insights from a Biblical Worldview. In this series we’ll be working to look at the world from God's perspective, to be able to understand life as it really is.

February 14 - Part 1: What Is My Worldview?
Your worldview is the set of fundamental beliefs you hold that define your primary life values, decisions and actions. It's the sum total of the beliefs you build your life on. It’s how you view everything in life. Everyone has a worldview whether they realize it or not. It’s all the ideas, experiences, images, beliefs, convictions, concepts, principles, standards, hurts and joys you've drawn together and you make decisions based on them. So there is little in life that has a more important effect on how you live your life and your relationship with God.

February 21 - Part 2: Where In the World Did this Come From?
 In this message we’ll look at how everything came about; at where things came from. We'll cover what God says about who you are and where you came from. Then we'll look at the profound implications of these fundamental truths - implications that effect the rest of your life.

February 28 - Part 3: How Did the World Get So Messed Up?
In this series we're looking at the world and our lives as they really are - not as some rosy picture of what we’d like them to be. In this message we'll deal with exactly how the world got so messed up! We’ll look at why it happened, what that means; how we can think about it and what our response needs to be.

March 6 - Part 4: How Should I Live in This World?
What does it mean to live as Jesus did? This message will cover the things Jesus did in his life that are essentials for us to do in our life as we live in this world. Jesus is the perfect model for living. He not only showed us how to do it, he gave specific instructions. He is our model and our guide; our standard and our blueprint for living.

March 13 - Part 5: What's What in the World?
In our culture today some people claim they don’t see any absolute distinction between right and wrong. Some people even claim there’s no such thing as right or wrong, that what is true is completely relative. Our culture endorses an idea that there are no absolutes. But our faith tells us that there is truth that goes beyond all opinions. We'll look at the damaging effect of this loss of truth in our society and personal lives.

March 20 - Palm - Passion Sunday - Part 6:
What in the World Can We Do? The world has lots of problems. Most of the worlds solutions take a band-aid approach to them. We’ll follow up on what we talked about in the previous messages and look at the root cause and the solution to the world’s problems. Going to the root is the only way to go if we’re going to make a real difference in the world.