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2016 Audio Sermons
121816 Fully Christmas
Part 4 - "Truthfully Christmas"
121116 Fully Christmas 
Part 3 - "Wonderfully Christmas"
120416 Fully Christmas
Part 2 "Hopefully Christmas"
111316 Transformed!
Part 7 "Facing Giants in Life and Work"
110616 Transformed!
Part 6 "Transforming How I See and Use Money"
092516 Transformed!
"Setting Personal Goals by Faith"
091816 Missions Sunday
"Strive to Thrive" by Mark Hough
Director of Cru at West Chester University 
091116 I Surrender! (Living Dangerously)
Part 3: "Taking Faith Seriously is Dangerous!"
090416 I Surrender (Living Dangerously)
Part 2: "Fighting the Darkness is Dangerous!
082116 "…and Obey"
Rev Ross Mowery
081416 "Trust..."
Rev. Ross Mowery
080716 Principles of Leadership
"Struggles of Leadership"
073116 Principles of Leadership
"Skills for Leadership"
072416 Principles Of Leadership
"Structure With Leadership"
071716 Principals Of Leadership
"Source Of Leadership"
071016 "The Art Of The Apology"
Rev. Ross Mowery
070316 "Wrestling For A Blessing"
Rev. Ross Mowery
062616 VBS
061916 Making Weakness Work for You
"The Strengths of Weakness"
061216 More of Amazing Grace
"Growing Through Grace"
052916 More of The Amazing Grace
"Healing and Grace"
052216 More of The Amazing Grace
"Sustaining Grace"
050816 More of The Amazing Grace
"Saving by Grace"
042416 It's Never Too Late in Life!
"Dealing with Endings in Life!"
041716 It's Never Too Late In Life!
"Doing the Right Thing in Life"
041016 It's Never Too Late in Life! Part 3:
"Changing Experiences of Life"
031316 What in the World?
"What's What in the World?"
030616 What in the World?!
"How Should I Live in This World?"
022816 What in The World?
"How Did the World Get So Messes Up?"
022116 What In The World?! 
"Where In The World Did This Come From?"
020716 Crystal Clear
"Dealing With Relationships in 2016"
013116 Crystal Clear
"Dealing With Temptation in 2016"
011016 Crystal Clear
"Dealing With Stress in 2016"
010316 Crystal Clear
"Dealing With Your Spiritual Life in 2016"